Endeco Interim

Endeco Interim provides executive level interim management resources.

We offer our services for our clients in case of international business development, general management, interim resourcing, change management and in special projects.

A Company or Business may need additional and experienced support in various phases and change situations in its business cycles. Utilizing the services of an Interim Manager offers the Company or Business an opportunity to enhance its change processes and business focus when defining or re-defining e.g. strategy and operational way forward.


Endeco Interim offers executive level Interim Management resource to execute various management tasks defined in advance with the Company or Business. Typically these Interim Management assignments last from 2 to 24 months. When assignment is well defined in advance the Interim Manager is very cost efficient way to manage a short term project or to fulfill an unexpectedly opened position in the organization.

Typical ares of Business in which Endeco Interim is experienced:

- managing Company or Business seeking international growth
- change management
- establishing and managing international subsidiary company network
- establishing and managing international distribution channels
- managing corporate communication and marketing communication
- managing various commercial negotiations
- managing international marketing, sales and project activities
- dispute management